Meet our Leadership Team

Introducing the dedicated leaders of the Democratic Party of Doña Ana County, who are working tirelessly to keep New Mexico blue!

Monica Gomez Taylor is our County Chair. She’s passionate about empowering voters and ensuring that every Democrat’s voice is heard. Monica’s commitment to community service is inspiring, and we’re grateful for her leadership.

Rich Ferrary is our 1st Vice Chair. His dedication to building a stronger community shines through in all he does.

Julia Brown, our 2nd Vice Chair, is a dynamic advocate. She keeps our like-minded group informed, motivated, and ready for the next round of elections. Julia’s passion for Democratic ideals fuels her work.

Marylou Bonacci, our Secretary, ensures smooth operations. Her attention to detail and organizational skills keep us on track. Marylou’s commitment to transparency and accountability is invaluable.

Mona Trempe is our Treasurer. Her financial expertise ensures that we can effectively support Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.

Virginia Beckworth is our Parliamentarian and Ali Scotten is our Communications Chair. They play crucial roles in our team, ensuring fair processes and effective communication.

These leaders recognize that serving our community and electing Democrats in New Mexico is vital. It’s about creating positive change, advocating for policies that benefit everyone, and safeguarding our democratic values. Thank you to each of them for stepping up and making a difference! Together, we’ll keep New Mexico BLUE.

County Chair
Monica Gomez Taylor

1st Vice Chair
Rich Ferrary

2nd Vice Chair
Julia Brown

Marylou Bonacci

Mona Trempe

Ali Scotten

Virginia Beckworth

The mission of the Democratic Party of Doña Ana County is to elect Democratic candidates up and down the ticket by accomplishing the following objectives: